Do you suffer with “chronic low back pain”?  Countless living in Arizona do, as it’s one of the most common medical conditions world wide.

Low back pain impacts the lives of millions who flood doctor’s offices and emergency rooms each year for treatments that often don’t work.

Often when conservative treatment options don’t work, many don’t know where to turn for help. Until now there has not been an option such as INTRACPT for treatment of low back pain that is deemed to be discogenic.

If chronic low back pain is diminishing your quality of life, you may be a candidate for a clinical study known as the INTRACEPT clinical Study.

Intracept is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed as a way to provide relief of chronic low back pain.

Phoenix Spine is proud to participate in this study, as the INTRACEPT procedure is one that fits in the Phoenix Spine philosophy and approach to patient care, as we always try to treat those suffering with back pain with the most minimally invasive and effective procedures possible.  We believe that no one should have to live in pain or in fear of “back surgery”

Learn more about the INTRACEPT Clinical Study, by taking a moment to complete the pre-screening questionnaire.