At Phoenix Spine we are experiencing a growing number of patients who seek us out for “Ultra Minimally Invasive” spine care, as well as other minimally invasive interventions to treat various conditions of the spine.

For many Canadians, treatment at Phoenix Spine allows access to procedures that may not be available close to home, as well as an extremely expeditious process— that can get you out of pain within days of contacting our center.  We have a full service, concierge style approach that makes receiving treatment at our centers as fast and easy, as it is effective.

No Stone Left Unturned

At Phoenix Spine, we strive to make your treatment and extremely short recovery a truly pleasant experience, and have designed our facilities with your needs and comfort at the forefront.  Our partnerships with many luxury hotels and travel service organizations will help ensure you have the most coordinated and relaxing stay possible.

Call our office today to get in immediate contact with one of our Spine Care Specialists who have years of experience helping those such as yourself get the treatment they you need to live a better, pain free life.

Our Spine Care Specialists will coordinate all aspects of your care as well as a no cost “tele-medicine style” Case Consult with one of our Fellowship Trained Spine Surgeons.

Help is just a phone call away.